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If you want to grow as  entrepreneur and if you want to grow your business then a lot of experience and knowhow can help.- now more than ever. As a stakeholder you like to discover what the transformation of sports and vitality industry/sector means to you. 

Please bear the following questions in mind thinking of your business network: 

How many like-minded entrepreneurs do you see?
With whom can you discuss your challenges?
Who inspires you and drags you along?
With whom can you celebrate your successes?
Who understands your market just as well or even better?

As a stakeholder, do you manage to get hold off all developments and innovations in sports and vitality? Do you always noticeclearly what’s going on in different countries/international perspective? 

 Over more than 6 years, we have scouted numerous innovations, set up projects, made connections, organized seminars and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their business. As business pioneers we have  put it all together in one place, in an online community with the aim of helping entrepreneurs, companies and stakeholders to:

  • Inspire
  • Connect
  • Learning from each other
  • Generate business

We are proud to present: the Sports + Vitality Community

Our business network in sports & vitality is a solution for every entrepreneur and stakeholder, at every level  to grow  business, wants to be inspired and achieve more visitors, leads, customers and turnover.

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What can you expect from the Sports + Vitality Community?

In our community you can ask questions, share knowledge, celebrate successes and get inspiration. This way you get instant feedback from our team and other like-minded entrepreneurs and stakeholders who share their journey and reflect on your challenges.

In addition, our community is also perfectly suited for finding partnerships. Within the platform you will also find groups for members within certain regions, industries and levels.

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  • Specials: Extra events, for example an event or Masclass
  • Access to affiliated providers who want to help you with the growth of your company
  • Access to trade missions abroad
  • Access to international (online) events
  • Matchmaking International