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We watched amazing tricks and experienced great support for skateboarding during the Olympics in Tokyo. What's next? Learn from the front row.


Skateboarding is plastered nowadays about everywhere you look. It’s in major motion pictures, on TV, on billboards. And you see them in the streets and parks. No wonder skateboarding is included in the Olympics.

Technology and innovation develop rapidly and new applications are adopted. No doubt technology and innovation have their impact in skateboarding, now and in the future. 

That's why we organise the SKATEBOARD INNOVATION SUMMIT! After part I in 2020, we invite you now for part II. Meet the innovators on October 19. 


We get it rollin' October 19 from 14:00 to 16:00 CET (Amsterdam) live from the Pier15 Skatepark in Breda, The Netherlands. As we like many people to benefit, we will be offering this summit as an online webinar. No travels and enjoying it from your favourite spot / skatepark.  

What can you expect October19? We have created again a great program for you. Make sure you tune in on time.

14:00 - Warm Up - Arno Hermans (Sports+Vitality)

14:10 - "Innovated by Skateboarding, innovating through Skateboarding" - Luca Basilico (World Skate)

14:30 - "Tokyo and the opportunity it has provided Skateboard GB" - James Hope-Gil (Skateboard GB)

14:50 - "Multifunctionality in skateparks" - Jamers T. Dickerson (Betonlandschaften)

15:10 - "Skateboarding in India" - Anubhav Vijayvargiya (Indian Skate Culture)

15:25 - "Skateparks - to 3D print or not to 3D print?" - Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning (Covestro Additive Manufacturing)

15:40 - "Gamified marketing" - Yannic Sieben (Wyldata)

15:55 - Cool Down - Arno Hermans (Sports+Vitality)


We kindly ask you to pay € 7,50 to enjoy the summit. It's for covering the cost.

We can only accept payments through iDEAL and Creditcard. Fill in the form with your first name, last name, email, country and organisation. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the blue button to pay. You receive a confirmation email after your registration and a few days before the sumit you receive your personal link to tune in. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch through email:

Skateboarding according to:

"All skateboarding is putting ideas into action." - Marc Johnson
"The Olympic Games need skateboarding more than we need them." - Tony Hawk
"Failure is a part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change…" - unknow author
"I fell in love with skateboarding because it was individual; there were no teams, there were no captains, there was nothing to perfect. No style that had to be measured. It was completely opposite of what I saw in so many sports. It was creative. And to this day, that's what I love, that's always kept me back to it because it's endless creation." - Rodney Mullen
"Date a skater - we break bones, not hearts." - unknown author

Arno Hermans - Co-Founder @ Sports+Vitality

When unconventional thinking is necessary, when excellence in chaos creates opportunities and for those looking for creativity on command, that is where Arno feels at home. His strengths are to initiate, chase, organize, connect and push to add value to a society in motion. Basically, he is a born Business Initiator. His commitment and enthusiasm inspires people. With his technology background and commercial experience enabling him to connect both worlds.

Luca Basilico - Skateboarding Director @ World Skate

Luca Basilico has one of skateboardings hardest and most controversial jobs. He works at World Skate and makes sure skateboardings introduction to the Olympic Games comes as smooth and good as possible. Not an easy task, but Luca does a great job dealing with all different opinions and ideas regarding skateboardings new status as an olympic sport.

James Hope-Gil - Chief Executive @ SkateboardGB

Following a career of over 25 years working within sport governing bodies, James was appointed CEO of Skateboard GB in November 2017. The role has been focused on setting up the capacity, structures and systems to support the growth and sustainability of the sport in the UK, strategic & financial planning, applying for & securing funding from government and creating the capacity, programmes & resources to prepare for skateboarding’s first Olympic inclusion in Tokyo 2020.

James T. Dickerson - Architect @ Betonlandschaften 

Skateboarding since 1985

Studies in USA und Germany

2007 Member of the German Chamber of Architects NRW

Since 2020 maierlandschaftsarchitektur/ Betonlandschaften

Anubhav Vijayvargiya - Founder @ Indian Skate Culture

I work for the Roller Skating federation of India as a National coach and I am the chief judge in the National Skateboarding championships as well. In parallel I am the founder of Indian skate culture, we provide goods and services in the realm of Skateboarding. My mission is to be the brick layer for a skater to reach the podium of Olympic games skateboarding.

Pieter Leen - Specialist 3Dprinting @ Covestro AM

Pieter Leen is Application Development Specialist 3D printing at Covestro Additive Manufacturing (previously DSM Additive Manufacturing). As Application Development Specialist, Pieter is continuously looking for new opportunities where 3D printing with Covestro’s materials could enable users to push their limits. Trained as an engineer, Pieter is driven to understand ‘how things work’. Enthusiastic about sports, he spends most of his time exploring new cross-country trials riding his mountain bikes.

Yannic Sieben - Founder @ Wyldata

Wyldata is Action Sports' trusted source for relevant data. At Wyldata we turn raw data into valuable assets. We support athletes to federations with their digitalisation efforts and utilise data to drive fan engagement. Data means insights and insights makes for better informed fans!

What's at the horizon?

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More info on the summit: 

Arno Hermans / +31 (0)6 22 528 705