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Everywhere we experience skateboarding. How do cities prepare to facilitate these engaging communities? And what's new? Learn from the front row.


Skateboarding is plastered nowadays about everywhere you look. It’s in major motion pictures, on TV, on billboards. And you see them in the streets and parks. No wonder skateboarding is included in the Olympics.

Technology and innovation develop rapidly and new applications are adopted. No doubt technology and innovation have their impact in skateboarding, now and in the future. How do cities facilitate skateboarding? And what's new?

That's why we organise the SKATEBOARD INNOVATION SUMMIT! After two great events, we invite you now for part III. Meet the innovators on November 17, 2022. Register now for this free and online summit!


We get it rollin' November 17 from 14:00 to 16:00 CET (Amsterdam) live from the Pier15 Skatepark in Breda, The Netherlands. As we like many people to benefit, we will be offering this summit as an online webinar and free of charge. No travels and enjoying it from your favourite spot / skatepark.  

What can you expect November 17? We have created again a great program for you. Make sure you tune in on time.

14:00 - Warm Up - Arno Hermans (Sports+Vitality)

14:05 - "Innovated by Skateboarding, innovating through Skateboarding" - Luca Basilico (World Skate)

14:20 - "Danish skateparks unraveled" - Ola Mattsson (Lokale og Anlægsfonden)

14:40 - "What's Brazil's most popular sport after football?" - Fabio Bolota (Let's Go! SkateRadio)

14:55 - "Unforgettable experiences in cities" - Olivier Pascal (Hurricane)

15:10 - "Skateboard a marathon" - Jonathan Straus (Skateboard Supercross LLC)

15:25 - "Inclusive skateboarding in Aarhus" - ......... (Skateducate) TBC

15:40 - "Outstanding performance through innovation" - Darren Pearcy (Skateboard GB)

15:55 -  Cool Down - Arno Hermans (Sports+Vitality)


Register for this free summit! And enjoy a great and inspiring program with dedicated people from all over the world. Already over 200 skateboard enthousiasts attended the summits. 

After your registration, a few days before the summit you receive your personal link to tune in and an invite for the Skateboard Innovation Community. Meanwhile if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch through email:

Skateboarding according to:

"All skateboarding is putting ideas into action." - Marc Johnson
"The Olympic Games need skateboarding more than we need them." - Tony Hawk
"Failure is a part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change…" - unknow author
"I fell in love with skateboarding because it was individual; there were no teams, there were no captains, there was nothing to perfect. No style that had to be measured. It was completely opposite of what I saw in so many sports. It was creative. And to this day, that's what I love, that's always kept me back to it because it's endless creation." - Rodney Mullen
"Date a skater - we break bones, not hearts." - unknown author

Arno Hermans - Co-Founder @ Sports+Vitality

When unconventional thinking is necessary, when excellence in chaos creates opportunities and for those looking for creativity on command, that is where Arno feels at home. His strengths are to initiate, chase, organize, connect and push to add value to a society in motion. Basically, he is a born Business Initiator. His commitment and enthusiasm inspires people. With his technology background and commercial experience enabling him to connect both worlds. 

Used to be a skateboarder in the 90's. Speed was my profession!

Luca Basilico - Skateboarding Director @ World Skate

Luca Basilico has one of skateboardings hardest and most controversial jobs. He works at World Skate and makes sure skateboardings introduction to the Olympic Games comes as smooth and good as possible. Not an easy task, but Luca does a great job dealing with all different opinions and ideas regarding skateboardings new status as an olympic sport.

Ola Mattsson - Development Consultant @ Lokale og Anlægsfonden

Ola is a true pioneer in new ways of unfolding sports, outdoor and cultural life. He always seeks the place where people, high professionalism and ideas from different worlds unite in a new, flexible and fruitful way. Within LOA he takes every single project to the next level. Ola was involved in the greatest and most inspiring skateparks in Denmark. 

Fabio Bolota - Founder @ Let's Go! SkateRadio 

Fabio  started skateboarding in 1979. He was also one of the first skaters to practice street-skating in Brazil, back in 1983. He participated in the journalist team of the first skate magazine of the 80's, Overall magazine. In 1991 he created and started the Tribo Skate magazine, which completed 27 years of existence in 2018. He  covered and accompanied the Brazilian skateboarding team since 1993. Fabio is also president of the Ação Concreta Ong Esportiva e Cultural, founded in 2004, with a strong focus on skateboarding and cultural areas. In 2012 he created the magazine CRVISER Skateboarding (read CRUISER), specialized in slope, speed and longboard skateboarding. Since 2018, he hosts the weekly radio show, Let’s Go! SkateRadio, on radio Antena Zero, which airs every Friday at 6pm Brazilian time.

Olivier Pascal -  International Development Director @ Hurricane

Olivier, passionate about extreme sports from an early age, joined Hurricane in 2001. Since then, he has been at the heart of the group's development, in particular by participating in the creation of the various tours and today as director in charge of international development. He is also responsible for relations with the International Federations and the organizing committees of other events.

Jonathan Straus - Founder @ Skateboard Supercross LLC

Jonathan Strauss has played a pivotal role as a catalyst for many of the skateboarding movements and disciplines that exist today. He has been at the forefront of recognizing the value of the cultural momentum that skateboarding generates.

In 2008 he founded the International Distance Skateboarding Association (IDSA) which today has chapters around the world and is recognized as the global governing body of distance racing.

In 2015 he recognized the need for a cohesive curriculum to teach SBSX skateboarding and created the Supercross Academy that now instructs students from the US to China.

Strauss has also been responsible for putting skate parks in more than 40 communities worldwide. Skatebird

represents the culmination of his endeavors as a place celebrating education in all forms of skateboarding

and the creative culture that supports it. It serves the next generation of skaters.

What's at the horizon?

get it rollin'



More info on the summit: 

Arno Hermans / +31 (0)6 22 528 705