sports for all: our cities' social fabric


Philippe Furrer

Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of The  SHIFT and Founder of the advisory firm insPoweredBy, Philippe Furrer has a passion for sport as a school of life and as a catalyst for change in young people’s lives and across communities. He spent the largest part of his career with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in various senior roles (media operations, transfer of knowledge, brand and identity, education, sustainability and legacy). Holding several academic degrees in geoscience, literature, sports science, business leadership and sustainable finance, Philippe believes in cross-disciplinary approaches as the only way to solve today’s complex social and environmental challenges.  During his latest mission with the IOC Philippe oversaw the education, engagement and empowerment of young athletes and local youth at three Youth Olympics and spearheaded the IOC Young Leaders programme, to enable young social entrepreneurs to deliver life-changing projects in their communities. He also contributed to the development of the innovative Global Active City model, aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being at the heart of cities. 

Philippe is also the founder of two non-for-profit organisations active in youth sport and fighting sedentarism. More recently, he co-founded the Republic of Sport, which promotes social inclusion of young migrants through sport. He recently published a White Paper to explore how sports for development can leverage on innovative financing models to scale up its operations to transform communities in vulnerable regions. 

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sport als bindmiddel voor sociale interactie vanuit de ruimtelijke context bekeken.

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From spaces to inclusive places – how can physical activity and inclusive sport enable municipalities to bring diverse communities and generations closer together ? We will explore how active design and smart equipment and social programmes can bridge some gaps in our cities’ social fabric.

Photo credits top: GAME House, Copenhagen - website

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