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Minna Paajanen

Minna is project manager of the Physical Activity Programme for the Helsinki municipality. She is part of the Sports, Culture and Leisure sector.

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Johan Ferner Ström

Artist, project leader and designer. Johan has completed several major art installations in public space, in institutions and in galleries. He has a thorough knowledge of the artistic process, design, urban development and environmental analyzes.

”I have worked with several major art projects in public space. The effects of these projects have resulted in considerable interest in the urban development process and the structural changes that occur in an area when you dare to think differently”.

In the early years, Johan was educated in dance and trained at the Academy of Ballet in Stockholm. Interests in the spatial are in many ways based on this background, but has now taken the form of installations, sculptures and spatial experiments.

With roots in both the graphic design/communications industry and the art world. Johan took an early interest in how art and design can contribute to regional and local development in communication and social structures. In recent years, he has worked on major art projects, but also with education for designers and creative professionals.

Johan is educated in Urban development at The Royal Academy of Art/Arc. Johan is one of the initiators of the program Culture & Entrepreneurship at Södertörn University, which started in 2009. Hi has been chairman of the Swedish Sculptors Association 2014-16 and vice Chairman 2017-19.

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The Physical Activity Programme is a strategic City of Helsinki top-priority programme, with the aim of encouraging residents to move more and sit less. The programme is about increased overall awareness, promotion and coordination of physical activity.  The goal is to influence people’s attitudes, to lower the barrier to moving, and to increase the joy of physical activity. Helsinki wants to make physical activity an easy, smooth and attractive choice in people’s everyday lives.

Minna Paajanen - Helsinki municipality


Puckelboll is the title of an interactive art project from 2003. The piece is an artistic impression of the phenomenon of football and how it resembles the playground of life which is neither equilateral nor level. The ball doesn’t go where you want, the halves of the field are not the same length and the goals are made so that they are not the same size or shape either. The football field’s injustices, are negated by the varying skills and strengths of the players.

Unevenness of the playing field makes the game fair in a remarkable way which invites a more imaginative way to play. The possibility to play, girls and boys, old and young, skilled against unskilled, on equal conditions are encouraged.

Johan Ferner Ström - Artist

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